Product Descriptions
For the last 40 years I work with Polymer Clay to create One of a Kind unique piece of jewelry. In the late 80' I discover this material in art shop and immediately fall in love with this wonderful modeling material and the endless possibility of creations.  
Polymer Clay is a manmade modeling clay, is like synthetic porcelain. I hear a story that was discover in German chemical laboratory when they work on creating synthetic porcelain for the dental work, Polymer Clay come as side product and now is use in art industry and even as school tools for children. You can purchase the Polymer Clay in any art supply store as "Fimo" "Cernit" "Primo" they come in colors however I color the clay myself using oil paint often mix and match different colors. Always start with conditioning the clay to made playable. This wonderful synthetic material hardens by baking in low temperature 200 F- 255 F for about 35-60 minutes, all depends on size, thickness and color of the pieces. Baking is very important it give the strength to the piece. I sculpture each rose petals individually, there are no molds in my work at all. This is One of a Kind, free hand creations. To finish after backing I polish the row spots, edges and the back and glue the findings ether brooch pin or hooks for pendant or earring post. 
attaching/gluing the hooks to the back after backing 
Often to achieve the Victorian era look I combine the polymer clay mini roses and lives with Sterling Silver or Brass oval frame 
Combine the polymer clay with semi-precious stone in Art Nouveau Style 
Combine the polymer with freshwater pearls or beads
To sculpture cameo, I use dentist tools