All the roses are individually handmade petal by petal, there is no two the same when you order please consider that and contact me before if you need specifies the order, colors, size etc.

       Single Rose Lapel Pin can be made in any colors not just the one shown


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                                  #1859 Large 1.5 "  lapel pin 

Large single Rose Lapel pin-pendant


                             # A-052 Large Rose & Leaves brooch app. 2" x 3" x 1"

Large White Rose Brooch with Leaves


Large Rose with Leaves Brooch or Pendant


                    # re 014 recreate large hot pink brooch app. 3' x 3' x 1'

Large hat pink rose brooch Sold


 # A-054 Large Yellow Hat Brooch app.2"x 2" x 1" with Pink detail roses,leaves, ribbon 
                I will Recreate on Request                                   

Victorian Hat Large Pin-Pendant. Sold


Victorian oval setting with mini lavender roses


Large soft pink roses and leaves


            Barrettes can be made in any color upon request earrings are sale separate

Large Peach Rose barrettes each