All  designs are copyright  protected by Anna&Walter J. Liss

Cameo originate by the Roman Empire, time zone BC.  Back then cameo was like a picture image today, to memorize the loved one or to memorize the emperors. I learn that the first cameo was actually an image off a worrier man, not a profile of women face, like we all know. Today we had all kind cameos, The popular usually is plastic made by manufacture multiply by millions, the expensive one is set in golden frames and curve out of shell from Italy or semiprecious stone like agate rerly hand curve more likely they are computer design laser cut I have seen that work- amazing precision and beauty- but is that real cameo same may ask ?
  All my cameo I sculpture free hand with Polymer Clay using dentist tools . There are one of a kind unique pieces and usually sale fast , this are same sample of my previous work. I can recreate similar cameo face from the photo but please contact me before your order.

Mediterenian Lady- Large Cameo

"Sara" Cameo Pendant with mini qristals

Girl with hat and roses. Sold

small cameo pendant with pale blue aquamarine beads

Cameo with labradorite semiprecious beads
If you have picture of your loved one grandmother, mother, grandchild I can transform them to a real cameo for you.
There is same sample of my previous work