My recent work and the business was reborn like a Phoenix after the fire in 2015  when I lost my house and my studio, and most of my inventory... Since then we rebuild the house regain a lot of new staff but my priority change. I slow dawn and stop working so much to smell the roses, literally, in my new rose garden on the back yard.  
I have been creating jewelry for more over 30+ years constantly learning, mastering my craft, mostly by experimenting with different materials. I do have however same formal artistic background/education from Poland (that's my native country). In the 80' I discover polymer clay and immediately fall in love with the smooth, soft playable material with endless possibility to shape and sculpture. So easy to create what ever my heart desire and with no mess around like regular clay will made and of course so much faster processing to the finish stage. To see the details of my work with Polymer Clay go to my Products Page.        
Every rose is individually create petal by petal with my fingers and become a piece of artistic wearable jewelry. From the very beginning working with the Polymer Clay become more like meditation or therapy for me and to this days is still enjoyable and pleasurable.
 I combine the Polymer Cay with traditional Sterling Silver, Gold Filled  findings, Brass frames for cameos, semiprecious stones beads and Freshwater Pearls for necklaces and found objects like wood, rocks, shells for my Art Nouveau creations
 My philosophy on this business is to create artistic, affordable piece of jewelry, bring smile for the person who would wear them and preserve the intricate old style of Victorian and Art Nouveau jewelry with modern materials and technics. 
Every year I'm attending some arts and craft shows around New England you can find the list on schedule page. Also I'm on as Oldfashionedjewelry and Facebook as annaoldfashionedjewelry
 I feel blessed that something create by my hands, coming from my heart can bring a little joy to others when they wear it and for that I'm always grateful to my creator.