My art work and the business is reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes stronger and better after the fire in 2015  but my priority change I slow dawn stop to smell the roses literally in my new rose garden 
 Please forgive me if the orders you expecting taking longer due to much less inventory and supply and due to hand made process they may be not exactly like in the picture.
Every rose have one of a kind making stages they all individually create to become a piece of artistic jewelry just for you on demand,  I'm not attending every arts and craft shows around New England anymore.
 It's still my blessing that something coming from my heart, create by my hands can bring a little joy to others when they wears them. Thanks to my creator, I got the gifted fingers and I'm able to transform clump of clay in to a pretty old fashioned jewelry  for special occasion reminiscent of Victorian or Art nouveau style
I have been working on jewelry bench over 30 + years learning the craft mostly by experimenting myself with the possibility of polymer clay combine with traditional material Sterling Silver, Brass , Freshwater Pearls, semiprecious stone beads, etc